Gate your mobile coupons with a custom data form.


Email list building is essential for any successful online business but creating successful lead capture campaigns can prove challenging.  One sure way to get leads and potentials customers to share their contact information and opt-in to your email list is to incentivize sign ups with valuable mobile coupons.

By using our data capture feature, you can set up a ‘coupon gating’ or place access to the coupon behind an opt-in contact form will ensure easy data capture.


Mobile Marketing & Mobile Coupon Platform

Create a Valuable Mobile Coupon

Create a coupon or offer with a $ off proposition or % off offer. Be sure of offer something of great value to make it well worth the visitor’s effort to gain access (20% off or more is good).  Set up your terms, redemption instructions and be sure to set as a one-time use offer to add more value.


Coupon Types

Basic Mobile Coupon

Add offer, terms and conditions and any special instructions for redemption.

Add Fun and Gamification

Consumers like to be entertained and they enjoy scratch & win campaigns because it brings fun and suspense.

Add Brand Visibility

Scratch and win contests can be branded with your logo, images and colors.

mobile coupon lock

Create a Data Capture Form

Create a form to capture basic contact info or add custom data fields.  This form will be presented shielding the coupon or offer until the visitor completes and submits the form.

Mobile Coupon Redemption & Validation

Validation widget/app

We offer a validation widget and validation app to validate coupons. Our widget runs on any device with an internet browser and connection. Our app can be downloaded in the app stores.

Our validation widget also allows you to save extra personal data from your customers and can be used to distribute coupons by email or SMS.

QR code validation

Every mobile device (phone or tablet) with a camera and QR scanner can be used as a validation system. At validation, the cashier scans the validation QR Code during checkout and enters the validation password.

On mobile device

Validate the coupon on the customer’s device either by entering a password or simply pressing a ‘redeem’ button without a password.
(This option does not work for printable coupons.)

Use your own validation codes and/or barcodes

You can import and use your own validation codes. Our system will automatically assign your unique validation codes for every distributed coupon.

You can also show the unique validation code as a scannable barcode to have a complete POS integration.

Integrate with Zapier

Now integrate with your email or text message marketing tools or CRM to add to your marketing database.  If your solutions offer automated marketing options – start an automated marketing campaign to begin to nurture your new lead.

How do I get started?

To get started sign up for a free trial of CouponTools. is a certified partner of CouponTools

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